Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zuma not to blame for drop but ANC

However, whatever decisions the ANC takes, he (Zuma) also forms part of the collective. The three percent drop in the vote cannot squarely be put on Zuma alone.”
South Africa held its fourth post-apartheid local government elections last week.
The ANC won 63.65 percent of the vote, the Democratic Alliance 21.97 percent, the Inkatha Freedom Party 3.94 percent, the National Freedom Party 2.58 percent and the Congress of the People 2.33 percent.
The DA gained support in eight out of nine provinces, while ANC support declined in most provinces, except KwaZulu-Natal.
In the last municipal elections in 2006, the ANC secured 66.3 percent of the vote and the DA 14.8 percent.
The ANC is set to hold its national congress next year, where its leader for the following five years will b

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